"We can help your customers trust and fall in love with your brand."

Create Meaningful Relationships

The more they know your products, the more your customers know you.

Boost Brand Interaction

Open communication helps to build trust and establish your brand's values.

Drive Shopper Engagement

Connect with your customers at the very moment they are making purchasing decisions.

"We use Blockchain technology to create new levels of trust between suppliers, brands and customers."

We do this using Blockchain technology and unique product ID’s embedded in our smart tags. These tags provide your products with a digital passport that is traceable, auditable, unchangeable, decentralized and transparent.

We can provide an amplified consumer experience tied to the product journey from the first mile, to the end consumer. AUTHNT blockchain architecture, coupled with RFID & QR tagging systems give users the ability to authenticate and validate the product and its origins


QR codes can help you engage potential customers right at the point of buying.

  • Proves authenticity
  • Consumer familiarity
  • Amplify customer experience.
  • Tell your products' story
  • Connect your offline to online presence
  • Foster customer loyalty
  • Build brand engagement beyond purchase
  • Measure effectiveness
  • Low cost implementation


RFID has revolutionized the retail industry by enabling item-level product visibility and improving inventory accuracy.

  • Omni-channel capabilities.
  • Meeting consumer demand by quickly and easily find the ‘last unit’.
  • Replenishment process improvement (both DC-to-store and stock room-to-selling floor).
  • Labour efficiencies in physical inventory counts.
  • Loss prevention.
  • Real-time, data-driven sales and inventory insights to inform future purchasing decisions.


Sharing your product stories and supply chain collaborations
offers huge benefits to you and your customers.


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